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How To Use Holographic Overlay Sticker Kit (no tech needed)

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

DIY Holographic stickers without the tech! Here's how to use the holographic overlays using our easy diy sticker kit available here in our Etsy shop.

In this kit, you will find your sticker paper and a selection of overlay stickers. An overlay

is how you will turn your regular sticker paper into a sparkling holographic sticker!

Let’s get started and show you how you can get a pro looking sticker without the tech.

It’s really simple and easy!

Inside This Kit:

White Sticker Paper Sheets and Shapes

Transparent Overlay Stickers and Shapes

Extra Tools You Will Need:

A Selection of Pens and a Pencil


Scissors or cutting knife

Step 1. Get Creative...

Decide on the image you want to draw, it may help to do a quick sketch beforehand on plain paper if you’re not feeling confident to jump straight in. Once you are happy with the drawing, copy it over, you could use a reverse tracing method or copy by eye. Either way, you will want to do a light sketch onto the sticker sheet, a simple line drawing in pencil first. Your pencil lines with a permanent marker, black works really well. But of course, you can experiment with different coloured markers or pens to create a full artwork piece. Keep your individual drawings spaced apart if you’re going freestyle on the full sheet, or stay inside the cut lines on the pre-cut shapes. A white border will give you that classic sticker look.

Step 2. Get Sticking...

Use the overlay sheets to laminate your stickers for the perfect holographic shimmer. There are matching shapes to lay over the pre-cut stickers. Use the larger sheets for your designs on the freestyle sheets. Save your scraps for future sticker bling. Simply peel and lay the holographic stickers over your design and cut around your design if needed. Start with one edge and slowly rub out any air bubbles as you go. I show you how in the video below.

Step 3. Get Cutting...

If you're using the freestyle pages in this kit then you will want to cut the sticker out of the page. Cutting the sticker will need a smooth technique. The film will benefit from starting your cut right at the deep end of the scissor.

Cut with long smooth rounded cuts with an even distance from your drawing.

Turn your paper, not the scissors.

This technique will give you the best finish!

Congratulations you've made your first sticker!! Keep going, it gets easier the more you make!

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