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How to start your day in a positive way while running a small business

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

How To Kick Start Your Morning as an Entrepreneur

Running a small business is exciting, full of rewards and absolutely worth it. The pressure and 24/7 nature of e-commerce can have you feeling drained. A bit confused as to what to do next. What is important? I can tell you, the most important thing within your small business, is you!

Take care of your health. Your mind and your body are connected. Let one go? The other will follow...

  • Eat breakfast! While 11% of people in the UK and 25% in the US skip this, it is important to eat a good breakfast and stay hydrated to kick start your brain. Cognitive function and memory have been proven by studies to improve when choosing to eat breakfast. The energy from your food helps with concentration and helps you stay alert.

This overall affects your motivation to start the day.

  • So you ate your Weetabix... [other cereals are available of course ;) ] Now you can start your day with a Brain Dump. Take 5-15 mins to just note down everything you think of an overall plan? Things you need to remember? Maybe it's just a random thought or burning question. Get it out of your head! Try a pep talk! "You got it, girl!. "Write down your worries. "What if I...?" If you feel like you could get carried away, set a 15 min timer.

Don't pressure yourself to write anything if nothing comes to you.

Create a positivity or gratitude list. You can write this in your diary, planner, journal, on a post-it note or yesterdays till receipt, you know, the one with questionable purchases of ludicrous amounts of caffeine-based products... just me? OK...

  • Write 10 things that are going great in your life. It doesn't have to be monumental. Maybe you got up on time today!

  • Positive thoughts. Things you are looking forward to today, this week, or year?

  • Good people in your life

  • Did you reach any goals?

Counting breaths, in and out.

Meditation, I saw that eye roll! Yes, meditation sounds kinda boring and kinda silly. But really, you are just relaxing. Let your brain just switch off for a few minutes in a day. Here's some ways you can relax without getting out the yoga mat.

  • Close your eyes, count your breaths. The counting inside your head stops other internal thoughts and chatter or worries. As you take each breath in notice the air going in through your nose. Is the air warm or cold? Is there a breeze on your face?

  • On each breathe out through your mouth, relax your jaw, relax your eyebrows and let your shoulders drop.

‘I AM’ Statements

  • A neutral or positive statement about what you have or are going to achieve. Present tense, not future tense.

  • Here are some examples of good 'I AM' statements...

- I am responsible

- I am kind

- I am working hard

- I am always learning

- I am an intelligent being

- I am proud of who I am

- I am happy

Repeating these statements can help align your thoughts and feelings about yourself.

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